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Real-Time Analytics

Integrate and consolidate SAP systems to consume analytics in real time.
Redefine how your business operates and delivers products and services with the right digital platform. Explore new possibilities with real-time access to information, actionable decisions, and transformational innovation.

Digital Transformation

Transform unreached and underserved enterprises with advanced technology.
SAP Leonardo combines next-gen technologies and industry expertise so you can rapidly transform your business into an Intelligent Enterprise. Our scalable approach to digital transformation meets you where you are – and takes you where you want to go.

Cloud Analytics

Access enterprise data anywhere, everywhere, using any device.
Accelerate your transition to an intelligent enterprise with our advanced analytics solutions. Use embedded machine learning (ML) to gain fast and accurate insights across your business – and implement new processes and applications based on those insights.

SAP S/4HANA: The Digital Core

SAP S/4HANA combines the tested capabilities of the HANA data platform with the personalized user experience of the Fiori design; whether it's in the cloud or on your premises, S/4HANA is revolutionizing ERP.

Big Data

Energize enterprise to new heights by creating a system for success.
With the right Big Data tools, your organization can store, manage, and analyze this data – and gain valuable insights that were previously unimaginable. Big Data technologies such as in-memory data management, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning can help you transform decision making and your business.

Enterprise Data Management

Acquire, integrate, and transform data for internal and external communication.
Deliver information excellence with enterprise information management (EIM). Support capabilities to understand, integrate, cleanse, manage, associate, and archive your data to optimize business processes and analytical insights.

Digital Boardroom

Combine advanced monitoring and intuitive design for insightful report screens.
Equip C-level executives with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis using SAP Digital Boardroom. Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, this next-generation board portal leverages line-of-business data from SAP S/4HANA and other applications to provide a single source of truth for the company.